Welcome to KellyPCoaching

If you’re here, you’re probably a mom who has a child (or two) with mental illness struggles–depression, ADHD, autism spectrum or anxiety…

You’re overwhelmed and so emotionally exhausted.

There’s physical exhaustion too, but the emotional exhaustion is more taxing than you thought was possible.

You spend hours upon hours learning what your child needs through research and questions and trial and error. You also take on the burden of selling your spouse on that information and then worrying or getting angry when he doesn’t always comply with what you know is best.

You are your child’s strongest advocate and often feel like the only one who can see through the symptoms to the incredible soul inside.

You do everything you can and some days it’s such a struggle just to keep them physically safe. But you yearn for their emotional and spiritual and life success as well.

It’s a heavy burden and you gladly take it on out of love for your child, but it remains heavy nonetheless. 

You’ve given your child every support out there. I’m part of YOUR support system so that you can keep giving everyone else your best and being everything to everyone.

That’s where I come in.

I help you climb out of your overwhelm and show up as your best self so that you can be everything you need to be for everyone else.

Once you’re steady inside your own emotions, I help you create the relationships you’ve always dreamed of!

What could your motherhood and marriage look like? I teach you how both of these areas can THRIVE no matter what struggles come and go (or come and stay).