The Most Powerful Tool


We live in the most incredible time ever known to mankind. Every single day is chock full of miracles! I can decide what temperature I want it to be in my home, push a button and boom–it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter! I’m from Texas and when it’s 109 degrees outside, walking inside to a cool 70 is absolutely miraculous! I can board an airplane with 200 other people and a bunch of our stuff and fly anywhere in the world on any day. Through the air! Like a bird. Seriously miraculous! When I was a kid asking my mom a million questions, she either had to remember each one until she could pack up all five kids and do research at the local library or make something up. Today, I basically carry a supercomputer in my purse that allows me to factually satisfy my children’s curiosity with about 28,700,000 results in 0.42 seconds. Oh yeah, and it makes calls too. Nothing short of miraculous!!

As absolutely amazing as these tools are, there is one tool that is hands down, the most powerful, valuable tool on this planet. And every single human being gets one. For free!

It’s your mind. Your Brain. It has the power to change everything.

On this blog, I’ll explore the practical, hands-on, “how” of using our brains to create the results we want. I have some amazing tools that use the power of your own mind to change your life. Past, present and future. I think that every single human being would benefit from what I’ve been studying and I can’t wait to share them with you as I put them into practice myself! Imagine what you can create in your life if you unleash the power of your brain to its full potential! Let’s do it!


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