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Hey there momma! This page is full of tools that I personally use and love in my own family. Give them a try and let me how it goes! I honestly love hearing from you!

Right now, your head is spinning and you are completely overwhelmed. I want you to know that that’s okay, and I’ve got you. Here are some super simple ways to get started.

Emotions Chart

This is a colorful chart with 32 different emotions. I use this in several ways, but the simplest is as a communication tool with your child. Have a check-in a couple of times a day where he just points to the emotion he’s feeling. It takes the pressure off of him to talk about it (saying it out loud can be really scary!), but it also gives him the awareness that he needs to begin managing his emotions.

Empowering Thoughts For Your Hardest Days

On those days when it feels like nothing is okay, it can start a downward spiral that can be so hard to come back up from. Here, I give you a ton of thoughts that I find useful to myself and my clients that keep us afloat. We still experience waves, but they are much more even keel with these thoughts. Use these to stay out of the quicksand and in the captain’s seat!

Goal Setting Guide

How to set a goal that is as good as done! Never commit and quit again.

Re-centering Tools

These can be used during any difficult emotion or challenging experience. They are tried and true. I use them, my kids and teens use them. Most can be done anywhere, any time to bring you back to your center, back to calm.

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