30 in 30

Hey there mamas! How are you doing in the COVID-19 world right now?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that it’s been a struggle. Not a “we’re restless and bored and missing our friends and trying to school and work from home” struggle. I mean a full-on “I’m thinking about calling the police or taking my child to the ER” struggle.

I’ve heard from MANY exhausted moms whose kids are running away, self harming, harming others, destroying property, wishing they could just die, and more. If this is you right now, please know you aren’t alone.

My own kids and family are struggling right now. One of my kiddos spent a week in March in an inpatient treatment program at the children’s hospital followed by a week and a half in an outpatient treatment program. We’re still having (drastic, whiplash inducing) ups and down. But we’re learning what’s going to keep us more up in the long term.

Another of my kiddos is currently heading into a third week in the same outpatient program. If you’re familiar with these (and with insurance) you’ll know that they don’t usually approve this long. She’s struggling hard. And the rest of us who live with her catch the fallout of that. Lots of learning and figuring things out here as well.

So if you’ve got hard stuff going on right now and you’re feeling lost and misunderstood and alone about it all, I GET YOU. I’m here with and FOR you.

I’ve actually been so at peace during our turbulence because of the training and practice I have as a life coach. And I’ve been learning SO MUCH and having new insights daily as I drive back and forth between the (not close) hospital and home. Having that quiet alone time has given me the space to reflect and learn that I’m not usually good at calendaring into my life.

And the thoughts and ideas and connections I’ve made have been so life changing FOR ME that I just don’t want to keep them to myself!

Every time I hear your struggles, I yearn to share all of the things I’ve learned the last few months so that you don’t have to needlessly suffer and struggle without progress.

So I set a goal.

I’m going to post a blog post every day for the next 30 days!

If you are just so emotionally exhausted.

You don’t want to do this one more day.

You feel like nothing you’re doing is making a difference anyway.

It feels like nothing will ever change for the better.

You just want to quit but at the same time, you know you’d never quit on your kids.

You’re just so tired of the negative and hard all the time.


And come here for a pick me up every day for the next 30 days.

You don’t have to do this alone. I get you. And I’ve got you. We’re in this together.




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